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Too much time with a three year old...

... who is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine (remember? from Shining Time Station? anyone?)

anyway, there's a lot of HP names there...

Bill (of bill and ben): who seem to be the Gred and Forge of their world...

Bulstrode the barge: "an old, bad mannered, sea going barge" big ass and ugly... Percy taught him a "lesson" once

George: a steamroller

Iron 'arry: "grim messangers of doom"

James: "likes to think of himself as a really splendid engine"

Oliver: a medium sized green engine

Percy: "just occasionally his respect and admiration for sir topam hat borders on servility"

Peter sam: "a little vulnerable, he is often teased by the others"

Trevor the Traction Engine: "he's very old and enjoys dozing in the sun"

( i got this all from here)

my god, i have to get out more
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