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The Most Random Harry Potter Community Around

You're not the only one who sees them!

Random Harry Potter Sightings
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Welcome to randomhpsights! This is a community where you can share anything and everything randomly odd relating to Harry Potter and company. If you're the type of Harry fan that sees Harry in every black-haired, four-eyed little boy you meet, (lightning bolt scar or no... There could be a cover-up spell or something!) then this is the community for you! A couple teeny little rules, just to keep the peace...

1. No pimping new communities. Those posts drive everyone crazy, and you know it! Please don't do it. (To pimp stuff, go to livejourn_pimps for anything, or hprpgpromotions for RPGs.)

2. Keep things in here about Harry Potter, etcetera. No one really cares that your Great Uncle Bobo is having breast reduction surgery. Leave that stuff for your personal journal. We don't wanna hear it!

3. Try to keep things clean. If you've got something racier than what might show up in a PG-rated movie, put it behind a cut tag. Same with big pictures. Some people don't have rockin' net access, and pictures will slow down the page-loading.

Other than those three little requests, go wild. Have fun! Enjoy yourselves! And feel free to share anything and everything Harry-ish that you come across! Welcome!

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