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Huge Harry Potter Collection for Sale! ...

Hello everyone! I have for sale a huge Harry Potter collection. There are many rare collector's items. Everything is in 100% PERFECT mint collector condition except for 1 item, which is noted below. (The popcorn bag) Take a look........ (List of all the items and pictures of the items behind the cut.)

  • 2 Small round Prisoner of Azkaban Promotional shelf tags
  • 4 Chamber of Secrets Coca-Cola collectible Movie cards
  • 4 Sorcerer's Stone Movie Promotional Buttons
  • 8 Different Sorcerer's Stone Movie Foil Valentines.
  • 8 Different Chamber of Secrets Movie Valentines.
  • 8 Different Chamber of Secrets Movie Foil Valentines.
  • 3 Harry Potter Glow in the Dark Collectible Band Aids
  • and 1 of each of the following:
  • Unopened package of Harry Potter Trading Card Game 2 Player Starter Set
  • Order of the Phoenix book release Promotional Button.
  • Harry Potter sticker sheet
  • Order of the Phoenix book release promotional sticker (Large)
  • Movie ticket stubs from the first 3 films.
  • Prisoner of Azkaban Movie Large Round Promotional Window Cling
  • Order of the Phoenix book release promotional Popcorn bag from Wal-Mart (Bad condition)
  • Sorcerer's Stone Movie Trading cards Numbers 43, 72, 70
  • Order of the Phoenix book release promotional standup from Wal-Mart
  • VCR News & Reviews Studio 100 Magazine. May 2002 Issue (Review of Sorcerer's Stone Movie)
  • Walden Books Report Newspaper June 2003 edition. (Order of the Phoenix review)
  • Entertainment Weekly magazine November 2002 issue (Chamber of Secrets Movie special issue. TONS of articles on the movie)
  • Chamber of Secrets Valentine with envelope
  • Hedwig Thank You Card with envelope

If you are interested comment to this post or email me at tonyax16 @

I accept concealed cash in american currency. I will ship to anywhere in the world.

The price is $45 or best offer + shipping.

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